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About Infographics

What are Infographics?
INFOGRAPHICS are Information+Graphics. By using principles of good graphic and interaction design, we condense and synthesize information rich, text dominated articles from forums into visually aesthetic and interactive creations.


This way, the user gets to the information he/she needs quickly and easily. More importantly, the experience of problem solving/solution finding is enhanced. Not only is the time taken to process infographics a lot less, but the learning curve for understanding the topic is shortened as well.


The aim of Aqua Calc Infographics is not to challenge the expertise of academicians or practitioners, neither is to provide an alternative to forums. Our goal is to provide an alternative to information architecture, synthesis and presentation. It is equally important to read through the forum thread discussions in order to get a diverse and an in-depth understanding of the problem. Each infographic is accompanied by its reference thread link. Please take the time to visit and read it.


We strive to update our infographics and maintain our accuracy levels to the highest standards. We however, still need your support and contribution, so please don’t shy away from becoming a patron of Aqua Calc Infographics. Help in any form is greatly appreciated and valued.


This is an effort to empower communities by using the collective intelligence of communities. We hope you enjoy this site.

How do we choose our articles?
Usually, complex articles with multiple view points from forum members are chosen as the data is highly de-centralized. Articles covering vague or complex topics are also a favorite for us. Each infographic is then carefully crafted to maximize your brain processing and minimize information overload.

  • Reference

    At the moment, we source our information from the Aquatic Plant Central Forum, USA. We would love to create infographics sourced from articles of other forums upon special request. So drop in a suggestion for us!
  • Site Translations

    For our non-english viewers, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Google's translation service.